The Beauty Designer & Confidence Maker


從傳統美睫市場中獨立後,睫瑞努力將自有的產品、技術與品質嚴格把關, 希望將台灣美睫環境更進一步地與國際同步。



The Beauty Designer & Confidence Maker

In the eyelash extension world, this is our pronoun.

After independence from the traditional of eyelash extension salon market, JadeRay strict and hard to audit and upgrade own products, technology and quality, hopes Taiwan can be synchronized with the international environment.
Based on the concept and afar of “Beautiful “

from the foundation of the main products of our raw materials and packaging design,even more to the boxed and quality control commission, are all OEM cooperation with South Korea and the United States, the purpose is to bring to market one of the best and most stable quality assurance